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The Hobbit: My Ladylike Review

5 Jan


I can’t pretend I haven’t been a fan of LOTR and the Hobbit since childhood. The Hobbit was one of the first books I read, I always imagined myself as Bilbo; A bit off-kilter but ultimately a hero you could respond to.

The book was no more a feminist text than the movie was a feminist film, but the book had one thing the movie lacked. Quality. I am nowhere close to a movie expert or critic, but I know what I like. Any movie that has me checking my watch multiple times throughout isn’t a good one in my book. I mean, I am not entirely being fair. There are worse movies out there… Gigli anyone? But I expected so much more from Peter Jackson. And we still have two more to go. Yay.

So, I might have left this movie alone, not given it a feminist critique if it had a little bit more value behind it. But it didn’t, so here I am.

There was a whopping total of ONE female character with a speaking role in this movie. That blows LOTR out of the water. The beautiful Galadriel is perhaps one of the flattest characters in the entire series. She has no flaws. She is the epitome of the perfect, ethereal, beautiful, wise, motherly woman. I mean, the women in the other movies aren’t much better but they at least come a tiny bit closer to mimicking actual women.


What’s more is Galadriel is alongside, you know, some ugly ass dudes. The men are allowed to be dirty and grimy and have faults and different facets to their personalities. But not Galadriel.  Also, she barely speaks. The only time she really says anything of importance is through her little mind reading trick. This is a pretty kick ass power, but what this silence represents, what it perpetuates is the silent, polite woman. She manifests her power in being silent. Maybe I’m a little off on this, but I don’t like the message that it sends out. She’s the only female character with lines, but even she is mostly silent.

Oh and please don’t get me started on the meaning behind that all white, virginal outfit (that somehow never gets dirty, does Middle-Earth have bleach?) she’s always wearing…

Basically Galadriel’s value lies in her beauty. I guess my lesson has been learned. I too can hang out with burping, dirty, smelly, adventurous men if I am a beautiful, tall, silent, clean blonde.

Damn my life sucks.


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