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Flushing out the new year- An introductory post

31 Dec

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013. And 2013 will be the year of the blog, at least for me.

I’m at my parent’s house for the holidays. Still. My mother, in all of her ticket-booking expertise chose to fly me back to New Orleans from DC at 8am on New Years day. As cheap as I am sure the ticket is, it leaves me spending my night at home writing to you all rather than drinking in excess in the best city in the world. Oh well, In all honestly I can spend my time reflecting on the past year and thinking of my future- things which would have been put aside and replaced by good beer and food if I were in the city.

Going home for me is always tough. Mostly because the place where my parents currently live isn’t really home. I grew up on the west coast, and upon my move to collegiate life my family decided to move to the east. Coming home is relaxing in its own way I suppose. I read a lot, or I try. But mostly I just sit on the couch and eat copious amounts of junk food.

This year is an especially rough New Years for me. I just finished college, and much to my parent’s stunning disapproval I have decided to forgo grad school, at least for the time being, and stay in New Orleans working a minimum wage, food industry job. I understand. I do. They worry that I am adrift, lost and without a future. But my response to that is- what is so wrong with being adrift?

I know I am not the only postgrad to feel this way, but it is a unique experience for me. My life has been one long, fine-tuned plan for as long as I can remember. The ultimate goal was always college, and of course eventually grad school. But in all that time I don’t know that I ever really stopped to look at different possibilities, and that is more or less what I am doing now. College was full of time-consuming, extremely focused and extremely competitive science courses. My final semester was the only one in which I really took time to explore classes outside of my primary curriculum. I took a gender glass,  I took a human sexuality class, I took a religion class, and women in fiction class. This semester might have been a lot less stressful, often making me feel like I wasn’t a real student, but it was also fulfilling in the extreme. So now I have decided to take a year or so off, however long it takes really, to decide what I want to to before committing more time and more money to more schooling.

Not only that, this is the first time in five years that I have really had the time to enjoy and explore this city to the fullest. I’ve spent more time reading, writing, tasting, smelling, and listening in the past five months than I think I ever have in my life. Not only am I rediscovering this city, I am rediscovering myself. Now, if only I could explain this decision to my parents as eloquently.

So it is with this new found wonder, this new found commitment to experiencing this city and finding myself that I enter the ring of blogging. I hope to learn and grow, I hope to share this process. This initial blog might not seem inherently feminist in its leanings, but I think this self-discovery and independence is itself a message of empowerment not only for me but for all young women.

I hope people read this and find what I have to say inspiring, enlightening, or at the very least entertaining.

Talk to you all soon!



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